How To Make A Game In Unity! 5 Easy steps to do so.

This a tutorial on how to make a game in unity.

1. Download UNITY

You can pay for unity, but it is not reccomended yet, because the only benefits are that you can't earn more than 100,000 dollars a year, which you won't achieve that quickly and there is a splash screen at the start of any game.

2. Start a new project

Call it whatever you want, but make sure to not name your project something with an apostrophe. After you've made your first project import a first sprite and add movement script and watch youtube tutorials or unity tutorials to learn something in unity. Also you have to pick if you want a 3d or a 2d game. You can also add ads to that game, you can choose between unity ads and admob. You have to also pick your platform

3. Make a key

Make a keystore, or you can't upload the game. Make sure to save the keystore and don't lose it or you could not be able to update your game anymore.

4. Exporting a game

If you're making a game to platform android, then you should do some things, that a lot of people forget to do and they run into some problems. Make sure your game is 64-bit and you can change it in the other settings, which is under player settings. Also you will need an SDK and API level atleast 29 to upload to google play store. You can also get that API level by downloading it using Android Studio. If you're making a game to windows, then I don't really know what you have to do, but you probably should make a key store atleast, I just made games to android.

5. Picking a publisher

This could be the one of the most trickiest parts of making a game, because not a lot of people will want your game and they won't upload your game, but you could still upload by yourself, but make sure to know that if you want to upload your game to steam, you'll have to pay 100 dollars up front for every game you upload. For android you just have to pay 25 dollars for it to get access to the google play console and you could upload as many games as you want. But notice that you won't get as many installs at the start of your journey, because they won't know how awesome your game really is. Publishers will make ads for your game, if they accept you, but if they don't, then don't be sad, atleast you could try out your luck and upload your game by yourself, maybe it will work out.

Extra Step For Success:

6. Make a good icon and screenshots

If you're uploading a game to the google play store especially, make sure to make a good icon and good screenshots for more notice and more installs and better download rate or so called CTR. That means that you will have more downloads from when people look at your game in the google play store. When more people download your game, it will make you more money and also people will share and it will get you more attention and maybe even installs, if the app or game is good. My first game had bad screenshots and it also had a bad icon, so I got low ctr from that game, but when I gave it more time in my other games, then I got triple that amount of downloads that I got from my bad game in 3 months. I got a triple of that amount in just a week from releasing my better game. So make sure to make good and appealing screenshots and icon and maybe even banner, so people would trust you more.

If you have any questions, write them below in the comments and I'll be happy to answer them, if I can.